The Transition

Students in the Dual BA Program come from all over the world, sharing a truly international experience. Between campuses and between continents, students benefit from the advantages of a global education in the classroom while immersing themselves in local cultures.

Students who are offered admission to the Dual BA Program between Trinity College Dublin and Columbia University will have a robust support network available to help them prepare for their arrivals in Ireland and New York.

From the very beginning of the Program, each student is assigned an advisor at both Trinity and Columbia. They will guide students through their academic and student life, providing support as they pursue their goals in two stimulating academic settings.

Detailed information is included in the acceptance packet for incoming first-year students, as well as the third-year transition packets that students receive in the spring term of the second year in the Program.

Students will receive a Trinity College Dublin welcome pack by mail prior to arriving at Trinity. Specific Orientation for Dual BA students takes place in advance of the university-wide Freshers’ Week (Orientation) the following week. All classes begin in early September each year.

All students are encouraged to download the Trinity MyDay app for Android and iPhone. This app, in conjunction with their website, gives students centralized access to all College services, from timetables to email to printing credit. A full Orientation week timetable will also be accessible through the Timetable tile in the app. Students can log in with the username and password they receive after registering.

As students begin their final semester at Trinity College Dublin, they will receive a Third-Year Transition Packet. This packet will contain information on what to expect when they arrive on the Columbia campus, instructions on how to apply for University Apartment Housing, student visas, English-language proficiency testing, and updates to their financial aid awards, if applicable.

In addition to Trinity student services, each student has a Columbia academic advisor. These advisors are available for curricular planning throughout the four-year program. Columbia will also evaluate Trinity transcripts at the end of each semester for transfer credit, reviewing all eligible ECTS (European Credit Transfer & Accumulation) credits. Columbia also evaluates exams, including Advanced Placement, International Baccalaureate, Baccalauréat, A-Levels, and Abitur.

For Dual BA students who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents, the Guide for International Students has been created to assist international students in navigating Columbia University. The guide will answer many common questions posed by international students while also providing information about the purpose and scope of a wide range of on-campus resources.

While students are studying at Columbia in years three and four, they must obtain coverage with an American health insurance provider, either through the Columbia Student Medical Insurance Plan or, for some U.S. citizens and permanent residents, through their parents’ health insurance plan. Columbia University does not recognize international insurance plans for health insurance coverage while students are enrolled in Columbia classes.