Program Policies

Progression in the Dual BA Program

Dual BA Program students must successfully pass their first two years at Trinity College Dublin before they can begin their studies at Columbia University. In rare cases, students may be required to retake exam(s) at Trinity in advance of the third year; if a student does not successfully pass the class(es) in question upon retaking the exam(s), they will be withdrawn from their third-year Columbia courses and will be required return to Trinity to retake their Senior Fresher (second) year. 

Withdrawal from the Dual BA Program

All students enrolled in the Dual BA Program are expected to make sufficient academic progress and to fulfill all academic obligations required by both institutions in order to obtain two diplomas.

In very rare circumstances, students enrolled in the Dual BA Program may seek to leave the Program to pursue alternative academic opportunities. Students who wish to leave the Dual BA Program prior to completion are not automatically entitled to enter the undergraduate programs of either Columbia University or Trinity College Dublin. Therefore, it is advised that students consult with their academic advisors at both Trinity and Columbia as early as possible.

Neither Columbia nor Trinity guarantees the transferability of credits completed within the Dual BA Program into another program offered by either institution.

Should a student decide to leave the Dual BA Program, there is no guarantee that the student will be admitted to a different school or program at Columbia University. The student must complete the full application process of the new school or program at Columbia University.