Deciding where to live during your time in the Dual BA Program is an important part of your enrollment preparations. Dual BA students are prioritized for access to housing at both Trinity College Dublin and at Columbia University. After accepting their offer of admission, students will receive details on how to apply for accommodation from the Dual BA Program. 

During the first two years in Ireland, Dual BA students are prioritized for Trinity-approved accommodation. Trinity students have access to several residencies both on- and off-campus. Students who choose not to take advantage of university housing before commencing the Program will not be guaranteed a placement at a later date.

More details about housing at Trinity can be found on the Student Accommodation page. If you have visited the Accommodation page and have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact [email protected].

Dual BA Program students will be guaranteed access to Columbia Residential housing when making the transition from Dublin to New York in their third year. Students who choose not to take advantage of University housing leading up to this transition will not be guaranteed a placement at a later date.

In comparison to the housing options offered to students during their time at Trinity, there are far fewer studio apartments available and GS students are usually accommodated in apartments or dormitory-style suites shared by other Columbia students. Typically each student has his or her own bedroom while sharing kitchen and bath facilities. An overview of types of accommodations is available on the Columbia Residential website.

Housing Eligibility

To be eligible for University housing, students must be registered full-time (meaning they must register for and complete at least 12 points each semester). Full-time student status is also a requirement for maintaining a student visa. It is easier to be assigned to Columbia Residential as a student who is new to the University than as a continuing student. If you plan to apply for University housing, it is best to do so early in the spring semester before you begin your studies at Columbia, as the timeliness of your application will impact your housing allocation. You may decline an offer if you decide you do not want University housing, though it is important to note that Dual BA students who choose not to take advantage of university housing leading up to this transition will not be guaranteed a placement at a later date.

Housing Application Timeline

Students must submit the housing application in the spring semester before enrollment at Columbia. The housing application deadline is April 15.

Fall Semester

*Housing assignments are made on a rolling basis as spaces become available.

Dual BA Program students who plan to apply for Columbia Residential housing will receive instructions in their third-year transition packets, which they will receive in the spring term of their second year at Trinity. Students are responsible for all associated housing costs during their enrollment at Columbia University.

It is important to note that housing is only guaranteed to students who remain on their original Columbia Residential Housing Agreement. Students who choose to break their Housing Agreement or leave University housing are not guaranteed access at a later date, though every effort will be made to accommodate requests outside of this process.

Questions concerning Columbia Residential housing may be directed to [email protected].